30th January 2023

Let’s all unite in the fight against cancer on World Cancer Day., World Cancer Day 4th of February

Signs of mouth cancer:

  • It appears in different forms and can affect all parts of the mouth, tongue, and lips.
  • Painless mouth ulcers that don’t heal normally.
  • A white or red patch in mouth can also develop into cancer.
  • Be cautious of any lumps in your mouth or jaw area and hoarseness.
  • If any of these areas do not heal within 3 weeks, please book a check up with one of our dentists.

Mouth cancer can often be spotted in its early stages by a dental team during a full dental health assessment. If mouth cancer is diagnosed early, then the chances of a cure are good. Many people with mouth cancer go to their dentist or doctor too late. So if you are concerned or have spotted something unusual, call us on 020 8441 6201 to book a visual cancer screening.