Independent Price List from April 2020

A. Examination/Prevention

Examination/ Consultation
Small X-Ray Periapical/ Bitewings
Full Mouth X-Ray (Opg)
Hygienist Per Visit
Fluoride Application
£7.00 Per Arch

B. Restorations

Silver Amalgam Restorations
from £75.00
Tooth Coloured Resin Composite Restorations
from £90.00
Fissure Sealant
£20.00 Per Sealant
Root Canal Treatment (Rct)
from £295.00

C. Teeth Straightening

Invisalign Clear Aligners
from £2000.00

D. Dental Implants

Dental Implants (Fully restored with a crown)
from £2500.00

E. Crowns/ Bridges/ Veneers/ Inlays/ Onlays

Tooth Coloured Porcelain Fused To Metal
£460.00 (Non-Precious Alloy) To
£550.00 (Precious Metal Alloy) Per Unit
All Ceramic (Metal Free)
£595.00 Per Crown/Onlay Unit
Full Gold Crown
£525.00 + cost of gold
Porcelain Veneer
from £495.00
EMAX Veneer
Maryland Bridge
from £450
Fixed Bridge
from £475.00 Per Tooth
Refixing Crown/Bridge
£35.00 – £50.00

F. Extractions

Dental Extractions
from £95.00

G. Dentures

Acrylic Dentures
from £480.00 Per Denture
Metal Based Dentures
from £800.00 Per Denture
Flexible Denture
from £700.00 Per Denture

H. Teeth Whitening

Home Whitening – Trays & Gel
from £295.00
Enlighten Whitening
from £625.00

I. Miscellaneous

Soft Bite Mouth Guard
from £150.00
Anti-wrinkle treatment
Special Offer £250.00