Independent Price List from April 2022

A. Examination/Prevention

New Patient examination
Routine examination
New Patient emergency appointment
Emergency appointment
Digital Radiograph (small)
£10.00 each
OPG (full mouth x-ray)
Plaque and Tartar removal (Quicksmile)
Air polishing – High Gloss Polish
Air polishing – Ultra Clean
Non – Surgical Periodontal Therapy (treatment of gum disease)
Price on quotation

B. Restorations

White Fillings
from £120.00
Amalgam Fillings
from £95.00
Fissure Sealant
£20.00 per sealant

C. Teeth Straightening

Invisalign Clear Braces
from £2200.00

D. Dental Implants

Dental Implants (fully restored with a Crown)
from £2600.00
Bone Augmentation
from £700 (Including Extraction)

E. Root Canal Therapy

from £399.00
from £429.00
from £479.00

F. Crowns/ Bridges/ Veneers/ Inlays/ Onlays

from £575.00
Tooth coloured Inlays/Onlays
from £650.00
from £575.00 per unit

G. Extractions

from £120.00
from £200.00

H. Dentures

Dentures – Acrylic
from £650.00 per denture
Dentures – Flexible
from £850.00 per denture
Dentures – Chrome
from £995.00 per denture

I. Teeth Whitening

Boutique Home Teeth whitening
Enlighten Teeth Whitening

J. Miscellaneous

Soft Bite Mouth Guard